The Chandler Walnut sort has 1 to 4 fruits on each bunch. These have a thin shell and a smooth surface and the form is oval.

Easy to separate from the shell. It is suitable for consumption as dry and fresh walnuts. In the same ecology it blooms 1 week after Bilecik and 3 weeks after Yalova. It is a strain that can survive spring frosts in areas up to the gate belt. The yield in buds is 85-90%. İt is very efficient. Internal whiteness rate is 90-100 %. It grows with medium strength. İt grows semi vertical. Suitable for 8 × 4 sewingç Not affected by bacterial burns because of late leafing

-Fruit weight = 13 g
-internal weight = 6.5,7 gr
-internal ratio = % 49-52
-Fat rate = % 70
-Protein rate = % 23
-Pollinator = Franquette



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