Can Nursery started as walnut seedling, vaccinated walnut seedling cultivation knowledge and experience today we are moving to the top with Can Walnut Nursery Limited Company. Our knowledge and experience in the cultivation and sale of 36 years of walnut seedlings, vaccinated walnut seedlings, a justifiable trust in the vast geography from the Turkish Republics to Europe in the production and sale of walnut seedlings that we make domestically and abroad has won.

Can Walnut Nursery Limited company, with its wide range of production and sales from the Balkan Countries, Europe, Middle East to Central Asia, has gained the knowledge and experience gained in the country, and is reliant on its quality and confidence continue to work without compromising whether or not. Ministry of Agriculture Certified, with all official documents, high efficiency and quality Chandler walnut sapling, Fernor walnut sapling, Franquette walnut sapling, Fernette walnut sapling, scuba grafted walnut sapling, scuba vaccinated chandler walnut sapling, scuba vaccinated fernor walnut Marketing the sapling, open-rooted grafted walnut sapling is the job of Can Walnut Nursery Limited Company. In 2016, Can walnut nursery, which is a limited company, has become one of the reputable and reliable enterprises of Bandırma Sahil Yenice with the production and marketing of almond seedlings with walnut seedlings.

Can Walnut Nursery Limited Company, especially (Chandler) walnut variety, which has been accepted as superior productivity, foreign kinds of walnut seedlings that can grow in different regions of our country open rooted and scuba almond seedlings we produce and sell it as scuba. All of our productions are within the scope of certified seedling production and are under the control of Balikesir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Food and Livestock. Our company is always with you with information support in the technical details about the right seedling selection and planting of seedlings.

Over the years, our presence in the domestic and foreign markets has made us a reliable business partner. Our business experience has become the growing brand of The Growing Walnut Sapling cultivation and Sales of Balikesir with our company principles and traditions. Our production facilities comply with international environmental standards and quality. Located in Bandırma Sahil Yenice neighborhood, our facility is a pioneer in the cultivation of walnut seedlings infused with suitable climate and soil cover. In the company's own production facilities located in The Coastal Yenice Village of Bandırma, vaccinated walnut seedlings can be produced over a period of 2-2.5 years by going through various stages.

In order for seedlings to be healthy and arable, all of these phases are of particular importance. The most important reason why the village of Bandırma Sahil Yenice has a share of up to 90% in walnut seedling cultivation in Turkey is that it is a biochemistry climate. Especially the walnut seedlings that we use in stagnant eye vaccine system are very likely to hold, fire is low, yield is high. That's why we use the most fertile soils of Turkey in walnut seedling cultivation as Can Walnut Nursery Limited Company. As Can Walnut Nursery Limited Company, we contact our customers directly with our distribution network and sell the products. We meet the needs and wishes of every customer and official institution by offering high quality ecological products at competitive prices.



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