Lara walnut sapling is a type of walnut with a high side branch yield. Because it is a french native species, it is again pollinated by french fernette and franquette walnut species. It is one of the walnut types suitable for high altitude areas and is high in yield amounts per acre. The fruit ratio on the side branches is very high. 1 ton to 10 acres at the age of 5 years and between the ages of 8-9, it can give 4-5 tons of walnuts per hectare. It has a weight of 13 grams of dry shell and 6-7 grams of fruit without shells. Internal efficiency is between 45% and 50%. Pollinators are the fernette and franquetta walnut varieties. Lara walnut can be erected at altitudes of 1000 elevations or higher. Lara walnut, which is recommended to be planted on the south side of the mountain or hill slopes, gives higher yields than walnuts on the northern slopes.



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